Code of Conduct

Message From the CEO

Dear colleagues,

At Aker Carbon Capture, sustainability is a defining feature of our technology and our operations - we rely on the integrity of our employees to keep it that way.

Our company adheres to a strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and will, through our unique technology, contribute to the UN’s energy and climate related Sustainable Development Goals through clean air, clean energy and clean industry, and indirectly to good health. We all have a contribution to make and I expect each of us to be an ambassador for business integrity by making decisions that promote sustainability, transparency and respect.

All employees need to be familiar with and abide by the rules and behaviors set out in the Code of Conduct and should actively promote those values to our customers and business partners. Likewise, I urge our business partners to be familiar with the Aker Carbon Capture Code of Conduct.

The values, commitments and expectations set forth in the Code of Conduct must not be compromised, so you have a duty to report any violations. If you have questions or in the event you need to report a potential breach of the Code or any applicable laws, please contact your manager, Aker Carbon Capture legal and compliance personnel or report it via our whistleblowing email to:

Valborg Lundegaard
Chief Executive Officer
Aker Carbon Capture

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